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Some Frequently Asked Questions ?

  1. Q: Is Mental Retardation same as mental illness?

    No, Mentally retarded persons are not mentally ill. The mentally retarded persons are just slow in their development. Therefore, they are dull and slow in understanding and have difficulty in learning various skills needed for daily living. Usually they have problems in speech. Some of them can be educated up to 5th class while the others cannot reach even this level.The mentally ill on the other hand have normal development. Mental illness can occur at any age even among the highly qualified people. Mental illness can be generally cured..

  2. Q: Do mentally retarded person’s become normal as they grow older?

    No, The mentally retarded person’s mental development is slower than that of a normal person. Therefore, when their actual age increases with time, the mental age. The mentally retarded persons cannot become normal as they grow older, but, with intensive training they can improve to some extent. Early training is very important.

  3. Q: Is it true that mental retardation is due to karma and hence nothing can be done about it ?

    No, believing that mental retardation is due to their karma helps the parents to be free from the feeling of guilt. But having this belief and making no efforts to train the child and leaving the child to fate is not correct. Parents must be told that whatever may be the cause, training the child will improve him/her. The earlier the training is started, the better the chance of improvement in the child.

  4. Q: Is Mental retardation curable?

    No, Mental retardation is a condition which cannot be cured. But timely and appropriate intervention can help the mentally retarded person to learn several skills.

  5. Q: Is mental retardation an infectious disease?

    No, many people think that on allowing normal children to mix, eat or play with mentally retarded children, the normal children also develop mental retardation. This is wrong. Interaction between mentally retarded children and normal children on the other hand, helps in the improvement of mentally retarded children. Also normal children will understand the problems of the retarded children and will accept them. .

  6. Q: What are the four laws for persons with disabilities?

    The four laws are 

    • National Trust for the welfare of persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation & multiple disabilities act 1999.
    • Rights of Persons with Disabilitied Act (RPwD), 2016.
    • The Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992.
    • The Mental Health Act, 1987.
  7. Q: Can marriage solve the problems of Mental retardation?

    No, many people think that after marriage, the mentally retarded person become active and responsible or sexual satisfaction will cure the person. That is not so. Marriage will only further complicate the problems. When it is known that a mentally retarded person cannot be totally independent, it will not be possible for him/her to look after his/her family..

  8. Q: Is it true that the mentally retarded persons can not be taught anything?

    No, Mentally retarded persons can be taught many things. They can learn to look after themselves; to do tasks such as watering the plants, sowing the seeds, looking after the cattle, sweeping the floor, cleaning the utensils and carrying the loads. The mentally retarded persons have to train systematically. They can perform many jobs under supervision.

  9. Q: FAQ on Legal Guardianship?

    A detailed FAQs are discussed on the website of national trust please click